U.S. Navy Seal Inspired Summer Boot Camp

US Navy Seal Inspired Summer Boot Camp: Week 1   If you could be a superhero, which one would you be? With all the super powers you already posses within yourself, you have the ability to train like a champ…

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Family Funtime – Week 3 – Total Gym Family Workout

Total Gym Family Workout Series – Week 3   By this point in the Family Workout Series, everyone should be feeling more at ease with working out as a family and the friendly competition should be running high. Everyone should have a sense of their…

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Improve Productivity Handwritten on Chalkboard. Time Concept. Composition with Chalkboard and Stack of Books, Alarm Clock and Scrolls on Blurred Background. Toned Image.

10 Habits of Productive People

10 Habits of Productive People   Doesn’t it seem that lately to become more productive, we’re told to take time to mindfully meditate, take frequent breaks from our desk, go for walks or workouts during the work day, check emails…

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Total Gym Spotlight: New Total Gym Core Trainer BLAST

Total Gym Spotlight: New Total Gym Core Trainer BLAST: You can purchase the new Total Gym Core Trainer BLAST on Total Gym Catalog. Core training should be a fundamental part every workout. Total Gym makes core strengthening exercises accessible to…

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Age Strongly: Workout after 60

Age Strongly: Workout after 60. Stay Fit and Strong at 60 Growing older does not mean we have to lose strength and flexibility, or impair our ability to perform everyday tasks. Many over the age of 60 continue to participate in regular exercise activities…

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Fresh salad buffet self-service food display human hand take plate

Making Healthier Choices On Fast Food

Tips On Eating Healthier Fast Food: Making Better Choices   Fast food, take-out, delivery and other convenient eating alternatives are booming today, with sales in the US alone reaching almost $200 billion annually. Here in America, workers in this industry account…

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Shape It Up! Diet & Exercise Plan For A Summer Beach Body

Shape It Up! Diet & Exercise Plan For A Summer Beach Body   Summer is right around the corner and that usually means showing more skin, trading in your long sleeves and jeans for shorts and swimsuits and heading to the beach….

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Age Strongly: Exercises For Over Age 50

Age Strongly: Workout after 50. 50, Fit, and Fabulous: Are you in your 50s or nearly there, and looking for some exercise tips, or for a workout to start or add to a daily routine? It is important to stay active especially as we age, and if you…

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Family Fitness – Week 2 – Total Gym Family Workout

Family Fitness– Week 2:   This week’s family workout focuses on building a positive attitude toward exercise. Studies of adolescents by Dan J. Graham at the University of Minnesota show that those with a favorable view of exercise are more…

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Young woman resting after a long workout.

You Should Never Do These Things After A Workout

5 Worst Things to Avoid Post Workout:   There is no question that you want to get the most out of your workouts, avoid injury and feel great, but there are certain rules that apply to your post workout habits. It…

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