Best Exercises For Rotator Cuff

Best Exercises for Rotator Cuff:   My previous shoulder-based blog post discussed how to use the Total Gym in the initial phase of shoulder rehabilitation or post rehabilitation. As shoulder girdle strength and muscular coordination improves, movements can become more complex over time. The following exercises will help…

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Total Gym FIT BLAST Shakes For Weight Loss

Total Gym FIT BLAST Shakes For Weight Loss   “Eat your vegetables!”…. Does this sound familiar when you were a kid? Some people either hate green or others love them and want more of them!   Eating the proper amounts…

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5 Minutes “Back Fat” Workout

5 Minutes Trouble Zone Workout: Back Fat.   Muffin top, spare tire, love handles! Men and women alike are prone to this unsightly bulging back fat that can be the source of much angst and frustration.   The common causes…

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Your Cold Breakfast Recipes For Hot Summer Mornings

Refreshing Cold Breakfast Recipes For Hot Summer Mornings   Are you looking for some cold breakfast items to nourish your body yet keep you cool? Sometimes it’s just too hot to cook an omelet or down a bowl of oatmeal, but you still need…

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Total Gym AcroYoga Fitness Challenge – Part 2

  Total Gym AcroYoga Fitness Challenge – Part 2: Return of the Monkeys   Calling all monkeys… it’s time to play around with more Acro Play fun!   If you read my previous blog on AcroYoga, you should have a better understanding of what it is, the benefits…

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8 Best & 5 Worst Exercises for Sore Knees

Best & worst exercises for bad knees What does it mean to have bad knees? People with “bad knees” have pain; they can’t run or even stretch without feeling pain, and they often need support to feel stable, especially during…

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Do These Exercises Every Day To Stay Fit For Life

Do These Exercises Every Day To Stay Fit For Life: Most of us operate with some daily regimens, no matter how crazy our days get. For example most of us have a set wake up time, morning and/or evening hygiene…

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Is Dulse Seaweed The Next Big Superfood?

Dulse Seaweed: The Next Big Superfood? What if I told you that there was a brand new superfood that you have to try…AND it tastes like bacon? You would probably check the calendar and make sure it’s not April 1st…

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How to exercise with cancer?

  Exercise and Cancer Almost four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She underwent surgeries and chemotherapy, only to develop another form of cancer requiring radiation and surgery. She is thankfully in remission with respect to cancer, but…

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Total Gym AcroYoga Fitness Challenge

Total Gym AcroYoga Fitness Challenge: Part 1: Learning to Play One can learn a lot when you turn your life upside down…literally! By learning to flip, fly, roll, and balance you can experience how it’s completely possible to feel like…

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