Stress Eating

Stay Away From Stress Eating

No, that cupcake, donut, chocolate drizzle popcorn or pepperoni pizza, is not calling your name. Really. You may be bored, depressed, frustrated, and stressed beyond belief, but honestly, they aren’t whispering to you. It could be emotional eating, stress eating,…

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3 Week “Freshman 15” Workout: Stay Fit & Tone – Week 2

The dreaded “Freshman 15” can creep up on anyone at anytime. This is defined by gaining an average of 15 pounds during your freshman year at college. The challenge is learning how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into a…

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Total Gym Meal Replacement Shake Recipe

Paleo Smoothies with the Total Gym FIT Blast Meal Replacement Protein Powder Being cursed with a wide range of food allergies such as gluten, dairy and grains, finding the best meal replacement protein shakes are sometimes a challenge for me…

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How to Determine Your Target Heart Rate

How to Determine Your Target Heart Rate Heart rate is the speed of your heart beat measured by the number of beats of the heart per minute (bpm). The heart rate can vary according to the body’s metabolic needs, including…

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Exercises to help with Sciatica with The Total Gym

Total Gym Blog: Exercises to help with Sciatica Sciatica – What is it? Also known as Sciatic Neuritis – Sciatica is a lumbar radiculopathy which can cause pain into the lower back, hip, buttock, and travel down the back of…

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Total Gym Fitness Program For The Kiddos

Total Gym Workout Program For Kids The American Heart Association and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend at least 60 minutes of activity per day, with strength and bone building activities at least 3 times a week. As easy as this…

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Bodyweight Exercise Anatomy: The Advantage of Bodyweight

  Bodyweight Exercise Anatomy: The Advantage of Bodyweight Resistance exercises are designed to help increase muscle strength and size. Typically, people lift heavy weights (dumbbells, barbells, plates, weight stacks, medicine balls or kettlebells) to provide resistance in pushing and pulling…

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How To Build Cardiovascular Endurance

Build Cardiovascular Endurance So you’ve decide you want to get into shape. Mentally committing is a big first step. Your next step is to define what that means and then take action. Getting “fit” or “toned” or into “shape” can…

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Workout For Runners / Walkers With The Total Gym

Total Gym for Runners and Walkers Whether you’re a leisurely stroller, treadmill treader, or competitive track athlete, running and walking are great forms of cardiovascular exercise and they’re essential to fulfilling an active lifestyle. Regardless of your size, age or fitness level, the benefits from adding the Total Gym to your cardio workouts will help you improve performance, increase stamina and prevent injury. So to complement your next run or walk, whether it’s on…

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