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Low Calorie Breakfast Recipes to “Supercharge” Your Day

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is! Yet, given today’s hectic lifestyles, it’s no wonder that most people just aren’t giving this important meal the priority it deserves. According to a…

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Get Your Sexy Flat Belly Back After Pregnancy – Part 2

Anyone that’s gone through a pregnancy has probably had a “bring back my body!” thought swirling around your head. As discussed in blog one, bringing back your body is not as simple as diet and exercise. I am often asked…

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Brain food to boost brainpower nutrition concept as a group of nutritious nuts fish vegetables and berries rich in omega-3 fatty acids with vitamins and minerals for mind health with 3D illustration elements.

10 Brain Foods and Supplements That Will Make You Smarter

Healthy foods make healthy hearts and healthy brains. Keeping your brain healthy, is well, just plain smart, and that’s not to say that keeping your heart healthy isn’t smart too. The good news is that the same diets appear to…

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Taking Some Of The Stress Out Of Chinese Takeout

Chinese food is fabulous, something we crave and rave about, but it also comes with an insane amount of sodium, MSG and other ingredients that thwart our healthy workout behaviors and reduces these benefits when it comes to healthy eating…

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The Ultimate Cardio Workout

When it comes to breaking down the different aspects of a workout, many folks would include strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility as common answers. These are all aspects of fitness and all play an important role in helping folks…

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Healthy Lifestyle

How To Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle

Do you know anyone who leads a perfectly healthy lifestyle? Of course you don’t. Not your physician, trainer, your favorite celebrity, or even those of us who write about tips for healthy living. We generally follow the 80%-20% rule –…

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Yoga Poses for Relaxation and Better Sleep

re·lax – rəˈlaks/ – verb – make or become less tense or anxious   The word relax sometimes feels loaded because it conjures up reasons you need to relax. These are usually hectic, uncontrolled, anxiety-driven states of being. Yet, just…

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Tabata Training & the Total Gym

  Temperatures may be dropping, but your workout routine is about to heat up—Total Gym Tabata style!   One of the hottest workout trends today is a variety of HIIT workouts. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a sure way…

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