Switching Up Your Total Gym Routine

Mix it Up! Benefits to Switching Up Your Workout Routine

We have all heard the popular saying “change can be a good thing”. This statement could not be truer when it comes to switching up a workout routine. Sometimes we know we need a change, but it can be challenging…

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Which Type of Milk is Best for You?

As with many foods, milk has undergone an extreme love-hate relationship in the health community. It has swung from being a necessary part of everyday life (remember the ‘Got Milk?’ slogan?) to a potential risk to your health.  (The China…

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Grooms, Get Fit For Your Wedding!

There’s nothing better than a girl feeling like her Prince Charming just swooped her off her feet effortlessly without a bulging belly getting in the way! Maybe this is a stretch, but the bottom line is that grooms may need manly…

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Legs, Knees and Calves - Pilates on the Total Gym

Legs, Knees and Calves – Pilates on the Total Gym

When you work out your legs, do you use a well-rounded leg routine? One that not only works on those big main leg muscles, but the other parts that may be left out? Will your knees and calves and inner…

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Total Gym Pecs Circuit Workout

Add Inches to Your Pecs with these Total Gym Exercises

The warmer weather is approaching and that means most of us are ramping up the frequency and intensity of our workouts. We are all striving to build the type of body we can feel confident about when we go to…

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Simple Ab Exercises on the Total Gym

6 Simple Exercises to Flatten Your Abs

Want a flatter looking stomach? A strong back with good core support? Then this Total Gym workout is for you! The secrets to a flatter stomach lie not only in your posture and how you recruit your core muscles, but…

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Healthy Protein Bar Recipes

Protein bars are a quick way to add some quality protein to your daily routine, usually without a lot of fat and calories. However, even when they don’t break your calorie bank, they can quickly break your piggy bank because…

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You may have heard of HIIT, but what’s GRIT?

These days with so many fitness programs flying into our lives at lightning speed, it’s incredibly difficult to even keep track of them all. When you want to find the best one for you, it becomes even more of a…

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5 Foods That Help Burn Body Fat

Not all body is fat is bad; some of it is essential for a healthy life. In men, 3% of body fat is essential, with 10-25% of body weight as fat required for optimal health. In women, 12% of fat…

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Active Stretching for Golfers using the Total Gym

Active Stretching for Golfers using the Total Gym

It is well known that routine stretching can help increase flexibility, prevent injury, and relieve muscle soreness. The Total Gym is a perfect piece of equipment to incorporate into your stretching routine because of its added versatility and resistance, and…

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