5 Foods You Love That Have More Sugar Than You Think

Most of us know it’s best to avoid added sugars because it only provides empty calories and doesn’t supply important nutrients. Sugar also promotes cavities, but there are even more important reasons to avoid sugar, like how it’s linked to…

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Advanced Core Trainer Blast Workout

Advanced Core Trainer Blast Workout

We are now living in the age of health, wellness and functional fitness. That means we don’t strengthen our core just because we want some awesome abs, but more so because having a strong core is the foundation of movement….

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5-Week Metabolic Makeover – Week 4

Everybody wants to have great abs. If it was an easy task, no one would try so hard to get them. A unique combination of events and circumstances lead to the famous six-pack.   As mentioned in my book 15…

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Endurance Building Workout Week 2

Endurance Building Workout: Week 2

  Boost your endurance and stamina with my three-week endurance training program. It’s a progressive series that builds muscular strength, endurance, stamina, as well as speed and power. Gaining endurance is an important element to build your body into top…

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Slow Cooker Lentil Quinoa Tacos

5 Crock-Pot Recipes for the Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, with cool, crisp days and cozy nights. However, when it comes to healthy eating, fall does present some challenges – the biggest being time. Our days become jam packed and the time…

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Best Stretches for Women

The Best Total Gym Stretches for Women

As a dancer in my teens, I was introduced to the power of stretching, as it was a mandatory requirement to do everything else my body needed to do in class and on stage. Stretching has been ingrained in me along…

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5-Week Metabolic Makeover – Week 3

We are now into week three. For many of you, you are well on your way to forming new habits and feeling the difference in your waistline, hunger levels, energy and strength. For some who have had some stumbles, it’s…

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Total Gym Endurance Workout Week 1

Endurance Building Workout: Week 1

Feeling the need for speed? Condition and train your body by increasing your stamina and endurance with movements that will step up your athletic game and help your body achieve great overall results in the process.   Endurance training is…

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Why Cook with Adzuki Beans?

Adzuki beans are red, dry beans known to have a sweet nutty-flavor that are quite common in Japanese and Chinese dishes. Adzuki beans are often cooked, puréed and mixed with sugar to make a bean paste, which is then used…

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3 Ways To Take Your Push-Ups To The Next Level.00_00_26_21.Still001

3 Ways to Take Your Push-Ups to the Next Level

Push-ups are one of the best exercises ever created and could very well make the case for the best ever!   Push-ups have been around as long as the idea of exercising has, and one of the best reasons that…

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