Apple-Pear Crisps – Low-Calorie Desserts

Who else loves having dessert? I know I do! Well, you can make a delicious dessert that is similar to your favorite decadent desserts. I enjoy a cheat meal of an amazing dessert every once in a while, but still…

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Cucumber Melon FIT Blast Shake

Melons Are the Fruit of Summer!

  Holy melons! Bet that got your attention! Who doesn’t like a good melon during the summertime?   Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupes are refreshing and delicious snacks to enjoy poolside, at a picnic, or simply at home. These fruits are…

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What Organic Products Should I Buy?

  What exactly does the term “organic” mean? In terms of “organic” food, it means they are grown and processed according to federal guidelines that oversee soil quality, use of additives, pest and weed control, and animal raising practices. Package…

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Total Gym FIT BLAST PB&J shake

It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly FIT BLAST Shake Time!

Think back to when you were just a little kid. What was your favorite sandwich? If you’re like me, it was probably a good ol’ fashioned peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And on special occasions, adding a sliced banana to…

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Are You Vitamin or Mineral Deficient?

At the cellular level, we need vitamins and minerals to survive. Without them, our bodies could suffer from various symptoms of vitamin or mineral deficiency. For example, our immune system could weaken, increasing the risk of getting a cold, the…

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Foods and Drinks That Can Ruin Your Teeth

Have you ever wondered if what you eat and drink can affect your teeth? Well, the short answer is YES. Here’s why. Your teeth are made of up enamel, which helps coat and protect the surface and keeps damaging substances…

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Healthy Protein Pancake Recipes using Total Gym FIT BLAST

Eating pancakes remains a fond childhood memory for many of us. Perhaps you went to grandma’s house and she spoiled you with some nice white fluffy cakes topped with butter and drizzled with some syrup, or maybe it was a…

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Foods That Can Help Your Body Detox Naturally

Although many people choose to detox (cleanse) their bodies after a holiday season like Christmas or Thanksgiving, when they’ve filled their bellies with too much sugar and foods loaded with calories, I feel spring is actually the best time. Why?…

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Worst Habits for Belly Fat

There is no question that the easiest place to gain fat, as well as one of the hardest to lose fat is our belly. Our belly is an area that gets used the least but is most affected when we…

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