Understanding Protein – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Protein is a one of the macronutrients your body needs for good health. The other two macronutrients are carbohydrates and fat. Your body needs all three of these, along with vitamins and minerals, which are called micronutrients, to be healthy,…

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4 Holiday Cocktails Under 100 Calories

During the holiday season we spend a lot of energy trying to avoid the indulgent meals and sweets at every corner. However, we often neglect the biggest source of added calories and sugar: holiday cocktails! First let’s look at the…

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Top 5 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

During cold and flu season, it can seem inevitable that you are going to get sick. However, did you know that there’s actually no increase in germs during this season? The reason that we tend to get sick more often…

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Total Gym Meal Replacement Shake Recipes: Winter Edition

Let’s shake this winter season up with some top seasonal drinks that will satisfy you with savory holiday flavors, while keeping your caloric intake low.   Adding seasonal ingredients into your shake can increase the health factor and flavor with…

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12 Mason Jar Meals: Breakfast and Lunch

Now that the long lazy days of summer are over, it is important to re-think your nutrition strategy. When you are juggling school drop offs, working lunches and overall hectic days, the most important thing is to be prepared. Enter…

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9 Healthy Comfort Foods

Cooler temperatures and shorter days make us turn our nose up at summer salads and crave warm comfort foods. The traditional versions of these foods can sabotage your health and fitness goals. However, with a few tweaks and creative ingredients,…

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Sip-Tober: Fall-Themed Protein Shake Recipes

Sip-tober : verb. Sipping on delightful drinks in the fall months.   Make this time of the year centered around your favorite holidays by sipping on festive healthy drinks. It’s not only an excellent way to nourish your body but…

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Total Gym Meal Replacement Shake Recipe

Paleo Smoothies with the Total Gym FIT Blast Meal Replacement Protein Powder Being cursed with a wide range of food allergies such as gluten, dairy and grains, finding the best meal replacement protein shakes are sometimes a challenge for me…

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Total Gym FIT BLAST Shakes For Weight Loss

Total Gym FIT BLAST Shakes For Weight Loss   “Eat your vegetables!”…. Does this sound familiar when you were a kid? Some people either hate green or others love them and want more of them!   Eating the proper amounts…

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