The Core Dynamics Workout – Week 1

Pilates is a great workout, infusing strength, flexibility and control into each exercise, allowing for an efficient and effective workout. It’s also a full body workout, whose modifications and progressions can accommodate varying fitness levels and goals. Despite these great…

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Exercising with Mindfulness

Get better results from your workout with a mind-body connection. Like anything and everything in life, if you are mentally focused on the task at hand, you are going to get so much more out of it and drastically increase…

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Total Gym Core Trainer Blast Morning Workout

Ab Crunches vs. Core Workout   Do you remember when getting a six pack was achieved by doing repetitive abdominal crunches? In those days there wasn’t much thought given to the rest of the muscles that make up the core….

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Morning Stretch Routine on the Total Gym

  Stretching each morning can be very beneficial to your health in many ways. It increases blood circulation giving you more energy throughout the day, and helps strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. Stretching will also help prevent injuries. Stretching…

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7-Minute Trouble Zone Workout: Butt

Apple Bottom. Badonkadonk. Booty. Bubble Butt. Bum. Derrière. Money Maker. Whatever you call it… you want it to look good! Let’s get to the bottom of this topic, pun intended. Several years ago I was in a session with a…

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Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) Training

Less calories in… more calories out… this is one way of playing the weight loss and body fat reduction game. Being more active with a regular exercise program also helps in achieving body-changing results.   A great way to get…

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Time to Hit the Slopes! Total Gym Workout for Skiing

Winter has arrived, the snow is falling, and it is time to tackle the slopes! What better way to de-stress from the holidays and get great exercise, by enjoying a fun day of snow skiing. Whether you are a beginner,…

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Total Gym Row Trainer Workout

Why Row? I’m always looking for ways to mix up my workout routine, especially when it comes to cardio. Sometimes my knees ache too much to run outside, and my butt can only handle indoor cycling a couple of days…

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