Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

  Perform these exercises in conjunction with your current fitness program to strengthen and sculpt the shoulders with different ranges of motion. 2-3 days/ week 10-15 reps/ exercise 2-3 sets Incline level is based on your strength   Standing Warm-up:…

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Beginner’s Guide to Foam Rolling

Tight muscles or a stiff back got you down? Whether you’ve stepped up the intensity of your workout, been out dancing all night, signed up for a crazy obstacle course run or just woke up feeling tight you may want…

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Couple’s Workout – Cross Training with the Total Gym

Some of the best things in life are more enjoyable with another to share in the experience. Whether it’s walking, traveling, cooking, going to the spa, studying, or being active, it’s better received with someone by your side. A partner…

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Benefits of Doing Planks

Core training is one of the most overused and often misused phrases in the fitness world today. In my experience the average exercise enthusiast mistakenly believes that core training means doing crunches until your back hurts and abs cramp. If…

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Avoid Repetition by Changing Your Workout!

Let’s make this about daily change, a change in your workout that gives you a freshness to last, one you can be happy with and one that will remind and inspire you to make a change when you find yourself…

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Total Gym FIT Blast Recipes: Warm Vanilla Shakes

There’s no better feeling than when your body feels strong and healthy. Getting the right amounts of daily nutrients and exercise are key to achieving this feeling! Fueling your body with the right foods will provide necessary energy, nourishment for…

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New Year, New You – Total Gym’s Fitness Challenge – Week 5

Congratulations Total Gym Fitness Challenge Participants! You stayed motivated, accepted our challenge, and made it to week 5 of the New Year, New You Total Gym Fitness Challenge! We’re extremely proud of you for the level of commitment that you…

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The Best Tracks for Working Out (2017 Edition)

I remember when I was a kid sitting in the living room flipping through TV channels. I came across a channel that simply had 3 women dressed in leg warmers, high top sneakers and leotards exercising to some pretty funky…

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