Morning Stretch Routine on the Total Gym

  Stretching each morning can be very beneficial to your health in many ways. It increases blood circulation giving you more energy throughout the day, and helps strengthen your muscles and increase flexibility. Stretching will also help prevent injuries. Stretching…

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7-Minute Trouble Zone Workout: Butt

Apple Bottom. Badonkadonk. Booty. Bubble Butt. Bum. Derrière. Money Maker. Whatever you call it… you want it to look good! Let’s get to the bottom of this topic, pun intended. Several years ago I was in a session with a…

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Five Fitness Trends for 2017

Out with the old, in with 2017’s newest fitness trends! It’s the New Year and with it comes several new fitness trends for 2017. Some may have you scratching your head and wondering what the workout involves. Classes like barre,…

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New Year, New You – Total Gym’s Fitness Challenge – Week 1

Greetings Total Gym Fitness Challenge Participants!   If you are like most people, then you are currently thinking about the upcoming year, your New Year’s Resolutions and looking for new workout ideas & various fitness solutions to capitalize on your…

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8 Tips for Healthy Living in 2017

“Dr. Mantell, 2017 is going to be my healthiest year ever,” many folks say about this time of the year. “Yep, I’m going to lose weight, exercise more, have better relationships and I’m not going to sweat the small stuff…

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Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) Training

Less calories in… more calories out… this is one way of playing the weight loss and body fat reduction game. Being more active with a regular exercise program also helps in achieving body-changing results.   A great way to get…

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Time to Hit the Slopes! Total Gym Workout for Skiing

Winter has arrived, the snow is falling, and it is time to tackle the slopes! What better way to de-stress from the holidays and get great exercise, by enjoying a fun day of snow skiing. Whether you are a beginner,…

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Clever & Personalized Last Minute DIY Gifts for Fitness Fans

Do you have a friend, a particular family member or co-worker that’s a true fitness fanatic? You know the one, that awesomely active exercise guru, a workout enthusiast, the healthier part of your group? Whether you’re an active participant in…

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