Total Gym Success Stories – Women

Meet Rebecca J.

Rebecca lost 35 pounds!1

“After my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight. A trainer actually recommended Total Gym and told me how easy it would be and he said it was the only at-home gym that he recommended. I love how easy it was. I could get started right away and the pounds just came right off! Total Gym works & it’s wonderful.”

– Rebecca Joseph

Darla's Total Gym Success Story

Meet Darla R.

Darla lost 60 pounds!1

“When I got to my highest weight I didn’t want my picture taken. I was motivated to start losing weight because I didn’t feel good. I knew I had to do something, so I found Total Gym. Within a month I started seeing a big difference. Between Total Gym and eating healthy, I lost the weight. I train 3X a week – Total Gym has such variety…so many things you can do. I’m in my 50’s & I feel like I’m in my 30’s again!”

– Darla Rodgers

Gena's Total Gym Success Story

Meet Gena N.

Gena lost 55 pounds!1

“When I first started using the Total Gym my co-workers noticed a difference – they noticed that I was actually losing the weight and getting smaller and they wanted to know what my secret was. I told them I didn’t have a secret that I was using the Total Gym. Prior to starting the Total Gym my first goal was to compete in a marathon, another goal was to be able fit into my size 5 jeans, which I’ve been able to – if I can do it anyone can do it.”

– Gena Nelson

Jenny's Total Gym Success Story

Jenny lost 30 pounds with Total Gym!

Meet Jenny W.

Jenny lost 30 pounds!>1

“I lost 30 lbs1 using the Total Gym. I was watching TV & realized all of a sudden – here I am a size 12 and it was time for a change – I didn’t feel pretty, I wasn’t happy. Total Gym was the answer for me. It was encouraging because I started to notice a difference in the way I felt, in the way my clothes started to fit. It was easy really to lose the weight – I went down to a size 5/6. Thank you Total Gym!”

– Jenny Walden

More Total Gym Success Stories

    Linda's Success Story

    “I found the Total Gym on a commercial & thought well let’s try it.  I tried it & it worked!  All of my exercises are on one piece of machinery and it’s so easy – that’s what’s so nice.  2 years ago, I had a big middle, I had big arms, I had a lot of weight on me and with the Pilates on the Total Gym, I’m able to gain lean muscle and that’s what I wanted. I’ve lost 4 sizes & 40 lbs1!” – Linda Stuart

    Debra's Success Story

    “I was about 196 lbs & I lost 52 lbs1 – Total Gym is my personal trainer & I use it faithfully. It’s a total gym – I guess that’s a good name for it. I do the inner & outer thigh workout – that’s where I needed the most work & the Total Gym helped me tone that part of my body. I feel more energetic, everything is more toned.” – Debra Rowe

    Geraldine's Success Story

    “It took inches off! The Total Gym helped me in my mid area, my hips, my thighs – my inner thighs & my buttocks – it was where I carried all my weight.” – Geraldine Hennicke

    Susan's Success Story

    “Every part of your body works out. It works your arms, legs, stomach, abs – everything! I had hanging skin beneath my arms – with Total Gym, I’ve seen such a difference – it’s incredible.  I have a lot of vitality, a lot of energy.  I lost 44 lbs1.  In my 40’s I didn’t feel as good as I do now in my 50’s.” – Susan Tessitore

    1 Individual results may vary.