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7 DVD Bundle


7 DVDs included with 3 workout sets!

  • Total Gym® Progression Series 4 DVD Set
  • Total Gym® Blast Volume 1 & 2 DVD Set
  • GRAVITY® Power Up DVD

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Progression Series

Progression Series 4 Workout DVD Set

Includes 4 DVDs:

  • Strength Fundamentals
    • Get started quickly with this 30-minute total body workout in Progression One: Strength Fundamentals. Learn the fundamental movements and body positions on Total Gym, with internationally renowned Rob Glick, master presenter and trainer. Each exercise sequence builds on the previous one, and Rob guides you through the workout with expert cueing and coaching. Approximate Total Running Time: 50 minutes
  • Strength Plus
    • Progress your knowledge and proficiency with Progression Two: Strength Plus. This faster paced 30-minute workout adds the next level of complexity and progression to the exercises you learned in Progression One, while adding a few extra for variety. It focuses on intensity to improve overall muscular strength and raises the cardio component as you continue your program on Total Gym. Approximate Total Running Time: 41 minutes
  • Amplified Resistance
    • Take it up a notch with advanced exercise options in the 45-minute Progression Three: Amplified Resistance. A complete 45-minute total body workout guided by Rob Glick, popular nationally recognized fitness program developer. Amplified Resistance features more advanced exercises. Getting to know your Total Gym, plus safety and usage tips are included to take you from beginner to advanced exercises sequences on Total Gym. Includes special section — Get to know your Total Gym and folding/unfolding instructions. Approximate Total Running Time: 60 minutes
  • Reformat Evolved Series
    • BONUS PILATES PROGRAM: Reformat Evolved Series
      Blends the best of Pilates mat work and reformer exercises, plus unique Total Gym Pilates-based movement to allow for immediate success with Pilates training. Never before has a training platform made Pilates exercise movement so attainable that it actually assists in success. Three progressive stages offer a versatile repertoire of Pilates exercises and movement training. Approximate Total Running Time: 83 minutes

Blast Volume 1 & 2 DVD Set

Rev ’em up fast and furious with this 2 DVD set. Each of these tough, challenging, progressive workouts is an intense 15-minute muscle isolation superset targeting Abs, Back/Chest, Shoulders, Biceps/Triceps, Buns & Legs. Focus on a different key muscle group each day — or through the course of each day. Within a week, you’ll get a fun and memorable full body workout. Before you know it, you’ll see and feel results.


Become a force to be reckoned with on Total Gym! Join GRAVITY Master Trainer Michael Steel for Power UP—a bold new program that breeds dexterity through functional strength training. Turn up the intensity with a challenging plyometric exercise series that links strength and power in one dynamic 45-minute workout.

Participants ramp up their training by exerting maximum energy to see muscle defining, inch-melting results in less time. Power UP pushes the limits of traditional Total Gym training, leaving participants feeling the might and mastery of their physical abilities.

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