GRAVITY Pilates: Postural Health DVD - Total Gym
GRAVITY Pilates: Postural Health DVD - Total Gym

GRAVITY® Pilates: Postural Health DVD

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  • GRAVITY® Pilates: Postural Health

Turns out mom was right! Proper posture can lead to improved health, most importantly to reduce risk of injury. Postural Health—a new Total Gym Pilates program—offers 60 minutes of invigorating Pilates exercises designed to enhance and build strength in the postural muscles for improved overall function and mobility.

Imbalances caused by the natural aging process, overuse and neglect of supporting muscles can limit flexibility and joint range of motion. Postural Health accommodates participants of all fitness levels, teaching them to strengthen and stretch weak and/or tight muscles on Total Gym through traditional Pilates breathing and body awareness techniques.