How to Stay Focused on Your Fitness Goals During the Season of Indulgence

It's that time of year where the holidays are upon us, the weather is cooler, and there is an increased amount of time spent with family and friends. However, this is also the time of the year where people unfortunately began to put their health & fitness on the backburner. With all of the traveling, Christmas shopping, and family gatherings occurring, people often feel justified in not making their health a priority and citing lack of time as the reason why they are committed to exercising or eating properly. As you may or may not know, November and December are notorious months for weight gain in the United States where a huge percentage of our population will increase their weight by 3 - 10 pounds.

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Matcha, What is It and is it Really Good for You

I love tea as much as I love Total Gym! I actually dedicated a corner in my home to my love of tea. I found a whole world of happiness by trying out all the different types. I began my research into green tea after losing my father to cancer. I was looking for possible ways to prevent myself from the same fate as so many had passed away in my family. During my research I came across all the health benefits of green tea and specifically the wonders of matcha!

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