Best Exercises for Women

10 Best Exercises for Women It’s time to say goodbye to those sassy swimsuits and hello to sexy sweaters and long pants! That sounds a bit sad, but what it really means is now is the time to keep up with all the hard work you've put in over…

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Six-Pack Abs

Getting to the Core of Six-Pack Abs Abs aren’t everything, but let’s face it: They are what everyone wants. Fitness can mean many things, but in most people’s eyes it’s nothing without six-pack abs. The hype over sculpted abdominals is everywhere, with a million-and-one gimmicks, routines, articles, diets, etc. claiming…

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Total Gym Chest Workout

Get Fit With The Total Gym Chest Workout Our beautiful bodies have the ability to move in a variety of angles and directions. Instead of focusing on what a specific muscle body does, it’s important to understand that our muscles work synergistically (together) and antagonistically (in opposition) to help…

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