6 Arm Workouts To Help You Build Big Guns

https://youtu.be/-UzvCtInB8o 6 Exercises For More Muscular Arms   Why do we exercise? What’s our motivation? For most of us, building muscle, injury prevention, losing a few pounds, and getting ready for an important event top the list.   Another popular reason is that folks simply want to look good. Some people might be hesitant to share that reason but…

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Rock Climber’s Workout with the Total Gym

https://youtu.be/os5Cr8mM91s Regardless of the activity or event you’re training for, get stronger and you will improve.   Training for a marathon? Getting ready for an upcoming flag football league or the next company softball season? Maybe trying out something new like rock-climbing? That important variable of strength should remain constant. Establishing a solid foundation of strength will help folks prevent injuries,…

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