Less is More: Simple, Efficient Exercises for When You Are Crunched for Time

If I only had more time!” An expression, I often hear, and one I am doing my best to get away from. Why…because the expression became an excuse as to why I was not getting in all the stretching and strengthening I knew I needed to prevent pain and promote wellness. So, I started to end a cardio session with 10-20 minutes of strengthening a few times a week.

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The Core Dynamics Workout – Week 1

https://youtu.be/0qgo4RF_Px4 Pilates is a great workout, infusing strength, flexibility and control into each exercise, allowing for an efficient and effective workout. It’s also a full body workout, whose modifications and progressions can accommodate varying fitness levels and goals. Despite these great benefits, Pilates often has the misconception of being a…

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