Advanced Total Gym Exercises for Snowboarders

Sport specific training is key when developing the right strength skills to snowboard down the toughest trails and test out your tricks. Workouts should include all aspects of fitness; i.e.: cardio, strength, and flexibility. More specifically, the exercises you perform should simulate movements that you experience when actually snowboarding, so that you are prepared for anything that may occur in motion.

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Total Gym Butt and Gut Workout

Have the holiday’s gotten the best of your body leaving you with fun memories and a little ‘extra fluff’ on your waistline? It’s the perfect time to get your ‘butts’ back in gear and shape up that waistline with a good booty liftin’ and core slimming workout that will shape, sculpt, and tone these stubborn areas. Plus, your backside and torso will look and feel great as you ‘strut your stuff’.

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