Zack Jenkins

Get Moving to Help Manage Stress

Top 10 Stress Busters No matter what, stress is a part of life. It’s inevitable yet often manageable, annoying yet imperative. Without stress there is no focus or progression in life, yet with too much there are adverse health effects. Seventy percent of adults experience stress or anxiety daily. The American Psychological Association reports that …

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10-Minute Workouts

Find Time to Exercise: 10-Minute Workouts Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Between work, family, errands, cleaning, etc., it can be difficult to fit in a daily workout. What most people don’t know, however, is that many quick, targeted workouts (core strengthening routines, leg toning exercises, abs flattening exercises or power cardio) …

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Six-Pack Abs

Getting to the Core of Six-Pack Abs Abs aren’t everything, but let’s face it: They are what everyone wants. Fitness can mean many things, but in most people’s eyes it’s nothing without six-pack abs. The hype over sculpted abdominals is everywhere, with a million-and-one gimmicks, routines, articles, diets, etc. claiming there are fast ways to …

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