Healthy Cold Weather Comfort Food

Everyone loves comfort foods especially when it is cold outside! Since I am always trying to find ways to make my recipes healthier I came up with a way to make these two recipes taste really delicious and comforting without all the guilt you feel after eating them....let alone having to take a nap after! These recipes are also a great way to sneak more vegetables into your diet. No one will ever know they are eating something healthy either! I hope you enjoy these recipes and share them with your friends.

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Healthy Football Snacks

It’s football season and we all love to gather with friends and family to watch the big game. With that comes the unhealthy snacks. Everyone loves their Buffalo chicken wings, their nachos, and of course their pizza!!! After eating all of that heavy food I just want to take a big ‘ole nap! And to add to that I always feel disgustingly guilty about the food that I ate. So I came up with some healthy versions of the same food. Why not give at least one of them a try at your next game day gathering and see what your friends and family think? They are filling and delicious and best of all they are guilt free!!!

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What is Gout and Who is Affected By It

Gout is typically referred to by medical doctors as a form of arthritis where patients experience pain and inflammation in the joints, typically in the big toe, but can appear elsewhere in the body such as fingers, knees and hips. An unhealthy diet triggers gout attacks, especially those diets that are loaded with alcohol, high fructose corn syrup, and processed foods, and too much purine rich foods such as organs and red meats, shellfish, anchovies, for example. The Total Gym is a perfect piece of equipment if you have gout because you can work out your entire body using your own body weight in the comfort of your home. You can perform all exercises in a lying, seated, or kneeling position, without putting any pressure on your feet, which is typically where the inflammation resides.

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Matcha, What is It and is it Really Good for You

I love tea as much as I love Total Gym! I actually dedicated a corner in my home to my love of tea. I found a whole world of happiness by trying out all the different types. I began my research into green tea after losing my father to cancer. I was looking for possible ways to prevent myself from the same fate as so many had passed away in my family. During my research I came across all the health benefits of green tea and specifically the wonders of matcha!

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