Advanced Total Gym Exercises for Snowboarders

Sport specific training is key when developing the right strength skills to snowboard down the toughest trails and test out your tricks. Workouts should include all aspects of fitness; i.e.: cardio, strength, and flexibility. More specifically, the exercises you perform should simulate movements that you experience when actually snowboarding, so that you are prepared for anything that may occur in motion.

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Less is More: Simple, Efficient Exercises for When You Are Crunched for Time

If I only had more time!” An expression, I often hear, and one I am doing my best to get away from. Why…because the expression became an excuse as to why I was not getting in all the stretching and strengthening I knew I needed to prevent pain and promote wellness. So, I started to end a cardio session with 10-20 minutes of strengthening a few times a week.

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