Best Stretches on Total Gym

“Sitting is the New Smoking”. We've all heard the phrase. The office, our couch at home, the car or bus ride to work... everything is based around sitting. Your muscles tighten and you get strains, pains and groans. Stretching is one of the easiest ways to alleviate pain from constant seated positions. Learn to stretch properly on your Total Gym with these great stretches from JayDee.

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Total Gym Butt and Gut Workout

Have the holiday’s gotten the best of your body leaving you with fun memories and a little ‘extra fluff’ on your waistline? It’s the perfect time to get your ‘butts’ back in gear and shape up that waistline with a good booty liftin’ and core slimming workout that will shape, sculpt, and tone these stubborn areas. Plus, your backside and torso will look and feel great as you ‘strut your stuff’.

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FORTNITE CHALLENGE: An Epic Game for an Epic Workout

Bodies are meant to be in motion especially when you can make it fun. Engage with your kids to get them up and moving by relating to something they enjoy, hence FORTNITE style. Set up a boot camp style with a few different stations that alternate between an exercise on the Total Gym, a body weight exercise, cardio, and a dance move. The person on the Total Gym counts 10 reps while everyone else performs the other exercises chosen! Then you rotate to the next station until all are performed. Perform the warmup and cool down all together.

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Drink This, Sweat Off That

Holiday weight gain is not just from cookies, treats, or eating too much! It’s also contributed to cocktails loaded up with extra sugars in the drink. If you’re mindful of what’s in the food and drinks you intake, you can prevent ingesting any extra - unneeded calories this season. You can have your booze and drink it too but with healthier options. This season, try making ‘healthier’ holiday cocktails that will keep you happy (cheers!) and focused on your health for the new year!

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Total Gym Foam Roller Attachment, the Inventor’s Story

Foam Rolling / Self Myofascial Release / Self Massage all are done using a soon to be archaic apparatus (at least for those of us that own a Total Gym) called the foam roller. One day, I was rolling out next to my Total Gym when I came up with the idea. Both of these products are time honored effective fitness tools that seemed a natural fit to me.

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