https://youtu.be/siGBZ8_04Uw Thanksgiving is known for its delectable dishes and delightful desserts. This hefty indulgence can do some serious damage to your caloric intake. Some studies suggest that the average American consumes up to 3,000 calories during the feast, and that’s not including the appetizers, drinks, and desserts! Pretty scary right?…

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Strengthen your hips on the Total Gym using the leg pulley accessory–Part 3 of 3

https://youtu.be/eDdSl0fTMVU PART 3: HIP MOBILITY TO PERFORM BETTER Your body is meant to have physical freedom and move in a wide range of motion. However, restrictions in movement, especially in the hip area, can significantly impact performance. These restrictions can be caused by many factors, including overuse, underuse, and improper…

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