Football Conditioning: Strength, Power, Endurance – Part 2 Power To play, compete, and succeed in high impact sports like football, you have to condition your body in all aspects of fitness, including strength, power, and endurance. This workout focuses on power training (Part 2). If you happened to miss the previous strength workout, you can check it out…

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Exercise Moves that can Help Lower your Blood Pressure – Part 3 Living an active lifestyle not only helps manage your weight, but it also strengthens your heart, lowers stress levels, and helps control high blood pressure. Get your health on track by taking control of your lifestyle habits to prevent and minimize serious heart problems from occurring. In the previous…

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How to Stay Motivated When It’s Hot Outside

We are in the middle of summer and you may be finding it a struggle to make time for your fitness routine. When it is so hot outside, working out may be the last thing on your mind. I totally feel you! I have experienced this many times over my journey to health. I do want to share some hope for all that have fallen short of your goals. I am on my third summer consistently using the TOTAL GYM! So this CAN work for you too!

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