Do Pilates on the Total Gym with Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley Does a Pilates Workout on the Total Gym

Long-time Total Gym user Christie Brinkley shows us how she uses her Total Gym in a new blog segment for Total Gym Pulse. Her workouts are influenced by Pilates and can be done in the comfort of your own home – with a Total Gym.

Christie Brinkley Pilates

Christie Brinkley Pilates

The first exercise Christie demonstrates is the “Hug A Tree” exercise. This is a great exercise for your deltoids and triceps.

Christie Brinkley Pilates

Next, Christie goes right into the “Serve” exercise. This is a very effective way to shape the arms. Christie then demonstrates the “Offering” exercise, which should be familiar to anyone who has had experience with Pilates. This is a great exercise because not only does it work your chest but it also works the top of your arms.

Christie Brinkley Pilates

From there, Christie goes into the “Salute” routine and points out that all of these exercises would require a Reformer at a Pilates’ studio. However, she is able to complete them all effectively and simply by using her Total Gym.

Christie Brinkley Pilates

She then goes into a rowing series, which is great for the upper back, shoulders and chest. After that Christie easily transitions into one of the best triceps exercises you can do on the Total Gym. This really helps carve out the arms and also works the abs as you are working the stomach muscles at the same time.

Christie Brinkley Pilates

She concludes the workout by shifting her arms into a bicep workout. These are eight Pilates exercises you can do without ever leaving the house.

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