Christie Brinkley : How She Stays Fit

Christie Brinkley Breaks the Rules

Christie Brinkley admits to breaking the rules in the latest Total Gym interview. She starts by telling us how she had all of her kids later on in life, later than the average woman. As a result of this, Christie was motivated more than ever to stay in great shape to stay healthy so should could keep up with her kids.

Christie Brinkley

Brinkley says maintaining this healthy lifestyle makes her grateful for her Total Gym. No matter what’s going on in Christie’s life, whether it’s raining or if it’s freezing outside, it doesn’t matter. She can always find time to work out because the Total Gym is conveniently located inside of her house making weather conditions and lack of time to workout irrelevant.

Spending time with her kids is very important to Christie and the Total Gym has allowed her to stay in shape to be able to do all of the things they love doing. Brinkley says her workouts give her a vibrant energy that comes off as youthful. Feeling youthful no matter what age you are is essential for good health and good health is one of Christie’s beauty secret’s. Christie is looking better than ever as she recently celebrated her 60th birthday. She has certainly set the bar for men and women alike proving that age is simply just a number and should not prevent you in attaining great health.

Christie Brinkley

Here are some tips to staying fit as you get older:

– Focus On Things You’re Grateful For

– Take Daily Action

– Express Your Feelings

Staying and feeling healthy at any age is extremely important no matter how old or young you are. Throughout life we experience several changes that can be extremely difficult to deal with on a physical, mental and emotional level. Whether it’s a career change, loss of loved ones or a health issue, what type of shape our bodies are in will play a major factor on how well we can handle certain stresses and anxieties of these situations.

Christie mentions in the video how important it is to stay moving telling it gives her a youthful energy. Try to create that same energy exercising everyday (Total Gym is a great way to start) alongside eating right with plenty of rest and you will start to feel better than ever before.

Thank you once again to Christie for giving us an amazing interview and for keeping us all motivated to stay fit. Stay tuned to Total Gym Pulse as we will be featuring more from Christie Brinkley with some of her favorite workouts on the one and only Total Gym.

Christie Brinkley

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