Fun Ab Workout with Christie Brinkley

Fun Ab Workout

Fun ab workouts seem to be missing in most workout programs. However, Christie Brinkley joins Total Gym Pulse to show us some really effective and fun stomach exercises to try on The Total Gym. Most people think of working their abs simply for looks but actually the abdominal muscles go way beyond simple body aesthetics. The abs are used for posture, balance and help strengthen your back. Here are some fun ab exercises Christie demonstrates that will you have you not only beach body ready but also in better overall shape as well.

Total Gym Ab Workout

Christie starts by lying on her back and doing an ab crunch. She then evolves the exercise by holding the same position and working her hands into small pulses. As Brinkley says in the video, “you don’t need a big move to really work the stomach” sometimes less is more.

Total Gym Ab Workout


Next, Christie moves into a new position sitting up on The Total Gym. With her palms facing up, she again moves into a crunching motion further working the stomach. Not only is she working her abs but she is also touching on the shoulders, upper back, and biceps. Christie makes a great point that when you work multiple muscles at the same time it saves you time as well. This is just one more reason that makes The Total Gym a great piece of equipment for anyone serious about their physical fitness routine.

Total Gym Ab Workout

The “Iron Cross” exercise comes next in Brinkley’s ab workout demonstration as she then lies on her back. This is a great way to rest your laterals while you’re resting your stomach in-between exercises. Christie shows how one can mix up the routine by moving the hands from the cross position to moving them forward then also going into “Angel Wings” which is moving the arms in a circular motion. Angel Wings are great because they work another area of the body which are the rotator cuffs.

Total Gym Ab Workout

To conclude the exercises, Christie sits back up and starts getting back to the crunch position. She says if you really want to challenge yourself, incorporate your legs into the crunch movements to not only further strengthen your abs but help balance your entire core. Bottom line, Total Gym makes it fun according to Christie. What other piece of exercise equipment allows you to perform so many exercises without ever having to leave the machine. The Total Gym makes exercise easy.

We would like to thank Christie Brinkley for showing us that ab workouts can indeed be fun. Stay tuned for more workouts from Christie coming soon to Total Gym Pulse.

Total Gym Ab Workout

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