How To Get A Strong Back

how to get a strong back

How To Get A Strong Back

Fitness trainer John Peel shows us how to get a strong back using The Total Gym. In this segment, John demonstrates three different exercises that will help strengthen your back and improve your posture.

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The first exercise John demonstrates is the “Seated Row.” Do this by sitting up straight, lean slightly back and hold the cables with your palms facing down. Pull the cables toward you bringing your hands all the way to your ribcage and extend back out. If you want to challenge yourself further, pause for three seconds when bringing the cables toward your before releasing back down.


John Peel Back Workout

Next, John transitions a great tricep and chest exercise. Stay seated on the glide board and stick your arms straight out with palms facing down. Push down bringing your arms to your side and bring them back up. This is going to work your lats as well as triceps and also strengthen your core. Adjust the level to a comfortable setting and remember to keep moving!




The third and final exercise is a combination between a push up and a lat pulldown. Lay flat on your stomach with both cables in hand and keep your knees up. From here, pull yourself to the top while keeping your elbows wide and squeezing your lats. Try to do around 15-20 reps if possible.


We would like to thank John Peel for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. Look out for more great Total Gym workouts coming from John soon!

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