How To Get Big Arms

How To Get Big Arms

Joining us for the first time on Total Gym Pulse is Get Fit Over 40 founder Michael Kaye here to show us how to get big arms using the Total Gym Home Exercise Machine. The exercises you see today are some of Mike’s favorite and are ones he uses to stay looking good no matter what his age. According to Mike, arms are the first thing people look at after your eyes – making it important to keep them strong and toned.



Mike begins the workout with a tricep extension. Start by lying on your back and bring the handles in front of you. Keeping your elbows tight and body straight proceed to move your forearms up and down. Mike recommends doing anywhere between 2-4 sets for this exercise.


Next, stay in a similar position and bring your hands underneath your armpits. From there, extend straight down pushing your body up and down on the glideboard of The Total Gym. As Mike points out, the triceps are very strong muscles in the body so you may have to adjust the angle or add weight to give you an even better workout.


Mike then transitions to a bicep exercise by turning his body around and facing the top of The Total Gym. Lock your arms into your body and hold the cables with your palms facing up. From here, go into a bicep curl and be sure to keep an angle with your back opposed to sitting straight up.


Finally, Mike ends the workout by lying down on his back and sticking his arms out a little bit so they don’t rub against his sides. Continue to curl your arms up and down getting as much range of motion as possible. Using a combination of these exercises working the biceps and triceps will help you achieve the bigger, stronger and more toned arms you desire. If you have a weight bar you can add some weight as you increase the level of the workout.

We would like to thank Mike for joining us today on Total Gym Pulse. If you would like to find out more about Total Gym so you can do the workout you saw today and more please visit us at Total Gym Direct. Look out for more great workout tips from Mike coming from him soon!


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