Rosalie Brown Total Gym Squat Exercises

Total Gym Squat Exercises with Rosalie Brown

Rosalie Brown is back once again at Total Gym Pulse. This week Rosalie discusses the importance of the squat and how it is one of the most important exercises for the lower body and buttocks area. You can actually do the squat exercise more effectively on the Total Gym, than in a weight room.
Rosalie Brown

Start by bringing your body down into the squat position. The best thing about doing squats on the Total Gym is that it keeps your body in the perfect position for every single rep you do. After a few sets of the two-legged squats, challenge yourself by switching to only one leg. For those that really want to get an intense workout, add a plyometric hop to your squat exercise. This really gets the leg muscles fired up, and it is great for a “booty” firming workout.

Rosalie Brown

Rosalie Brown

Rosalie Brown

Rosalie Brown
By adding plyometrics to your workout routine, you are increasing the calorie burning, increasing the muscle use, and if you ever need a break, simply transition back into the regular squat routine. Do these effective squat exercises and you can have better-looking lower body with the Total Gym.

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