Total Gym Addict – Mark

My name is Mark and I was always in pretty good shape growing up. I have been an entertainer since I was 12 years old and I went on to graduate from Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College. Back then it was easy to just run around and keep myself trim. I had my first two children in my 20s and started my very interactive, mobile disc jockey business with my wife in 1996. Then I started to gain weight. I love food as much as anyone else and cooking is a passion of mine. I talked myself into the thought that everyone puts on a few pounds after turning 30, so I just bought some bigger clothes and did nothing else. I also noticed that I didn’t have the endurance to get through the DJ events, with setting up equipment and running around entertaining for 4 or 5 hours, I would get out of breath quickly. I didn’t want to be that overweight DJ who couldn’t get right in there with the crowd and entertain.

I tried a few other diets and workout equipment, but sticking to a complete diet was NOT my thing and well, I needed something more than just running on a machine to keep me motivated. Then I found the Total Gym. It was easy to jump on anytime and get a quick workout in, but most importantly, IT WAS FUN! I could get a total body workout by just changing my body position. I lost weight, but most importantly, toned up and built up my endurance to run around, entertain and not become winded when I spoke on a microphone. I was able to stick with my workouts, sometimes doing them for a longer time, sometimes just a few minutes. As soon as you get on the Total Gym, it becomes your motivation and works every part of your body.

I have been using the Total Gym for over 16 years and through this time I have upgraded my Total Gym a few times. Then, at 40, I became a dad again! My son Cody is 8 now and you can imagine that many of the parents of 8-year olds are years younger than I am. I never wanted to be that “old dad” out on the baseball field, at parent teacher meetings or special school events. The Total Gym has allowed me to stay in great shape to manage my son’s teams for the last 4 years and more than keep up with the other dads, some of whom are 20 years younger than I am! I love the way I look, people compliment that …I never age! I remember what it felt like before the Total Gym and I’m not going back. I will be turning 50 this year, and my Total Gym will be right there on the front lines with me.

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