Feel Super by Adding These 5 Superfruits to Your Diet!

What Are Superfruits?

Superfruits are fruits packed with extra vitamins, minerals, fiber, anti-oxidants and other cleansing properties that can help you have more energy, fight disease and keep you looking and feeling younger. If you think of every time you eat as an opportunity to get as many nutrients as possible into your body, a superfruit makes the most of this opportunity!
Below are five of my favorite superfruits that you can find at most local grocery stores. Remember: Eating the whole fruit is the best way to get the most nutrients, so when possible go for the most natural form.

Gogi Berries

One of the most unique things about gogi berries is that they contain all of the essential amino acids and are higher in protein than any other fruit. They are loaded with Vitamin C and carotenoids, which have made them a go-to remedy for maintaining good eyesight.
Try adding gogi berries into a healthy trail mix or your morning oatmeal for an extra anti-oxidant boost!


Pineapples contain an enzyme called Bromelain, which helps reduce inflammation and fight soreness and means it’s a key superfruit when you are hitting the gym. The sugars from the pineapple will help refuel your glycogen stores and help your recovery, and the bromelain will keep you from wincing every time you try to stand up from your chair!
Try adding frozen pineapple to your post-workout smoothie.


Pomegranates are an excellent source of Vitamin B, potassium and fiber. However, my favorite nutrient is resveratrol. Resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps protect your heart and arteries and fight cardiovascular disease; it also has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.
Try adding pomegranate seeds to your morning Greek yogurt or on top of a salad for a sweet and sour burst of flavor!


You may have read my recent blog about the health benefits of chocolate. The flavonoids found in raw cacao help maintain the flexibility of your arteries and maintain heart health. Cacao also has theobromine, which triggers serotonin and endorphins, so that delightful feeling you get when you eat chocolate isn’t all in your head!
Try blending cacao powder, almond milk, agave and ice for a mood-boosting shake.


You may be surprised to find such a common fruit on my superfruit list but if you look a little bit closer you will see the health benefits are extraordinary! Apples contain soluble fiber and pectin, which help reduce cholesterol; they help control insulin levels by releasing sugars slowly into your bloodstream giving you longer term energy and preventing diabetes; they cleanse and detoxify the body on a daily basis, and help eliminate heavy metals. I could go on! But the most super thing about apples is that they’re everywhere, so you’re never too far from making a delicious and detoxifying food decision.
Try adding an apple and almond butter as an afternoon snack or sprinkle fresh cinnamon on a baked apple for a warm and wonderful dessert!

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Tara Coleman

Tara Coleman is a Clinical Nutritionist with a private practice in San Diego, CA. She speaks nationally on the topics of health and nutrition and has been cited as a nutrition expert by media such as NBC, FOX, SELF, Cosmopolitan and Dr. Oz The Good Life.Download her FREE 4 Step Nutrition Quick Start Guide and start feeling better today!

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