Total Gym Shoulder Exercises

The shoulder is the most moveable and unstable joint in the body. Muscles, ligaments and tendons are what help keep the shoulder stable and in place. It is extremely important that the muscle tissues are strengthened to keep the shoulders strong, flexible, balanced and able to handle the stress of everyday movements.

Sexy Shoulder Total Gym Workout

Total Gym Shoulder Workout with John Peel

How To Strengthen Your Shoulders

Total Gym Rock Climbing Workout

Total Gym Shoulder Rehab – Total Gym Pulse

Five Step Weekend Warrior Workout – Total Gym Pulse

Total Gym Tri-Grip Shaper Bars – Total Gym Pulse

Ultimate Shoulder Workout

Golf Inspired Circuit Training Workout on the Total Gym

John Peel – Shoulder Workout with the Total Gym

Improve flexibility and strength with Total Gym Shoulder Exercises!
Watch Total Gym trainers perform shoulder-focused exercises to enhance posture and strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, creating more stability and an overall sturdier body structure.

Extend Your Shoulder Workouts!