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Total Gym Total Body Exercises

Total Gym allows you to target all major muscle groups with just one workout. With cardio, stretching, strength training and countless, effective exercises it provides everything your body needs to get you in the best shape of your life. Total Gym delivers a total body workout in as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day.

Total Gym 60-second Full-Body Warmup – Total Gym Pulse

7-Minute Strength Training Workout

Total Gym Swim & Surf Workout

Total Gym Cardio/Pilates Workout

Total Gym Boxing Workout

Toning Moves to Sculpt Your Body

HIIT Workout – 24 Minutes On The Total Gym

Total Gym Morning Jumpstart Workout – Total Gym Pulse

Best Exercises To Do at the Beach – Total Gym Pulse

5 Exercises Everyone Should Know

Fat Burning Exercises On The Total Gym

5 Best Total Gym Exercises for Every Workout – Total Gym Pulse

Total Gym Cardio Blast – Total Gym Pulse

Strengthen your whole body with these Total Gym Total Body Exercises!
Watch our Total Gym trainers guide you through a complete workout targeting all major muscle groups, especially those trouble zones from head-to-toe. Guaranteed to deliver total body results - fast.

Extend your Total Body Workouts: