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Featured Fitness Journey

Follow along on Total Gym Addict Terri Ness’s 2019 Total Gym Fitness Journey. Video updates posted every month.

Terri’s Fitness Journey Update July 2019

Terri’s Fitness Journey Update May

Terri’s Fitness Journey Update – April

Terri’s Fitness Journey Update – March

Terri’s Fitness Journey Update – February

Total Gym Addicts, Terri’s Story – January

Featured Fitness Journey: Terri Ness

Terri's 2019 Fitness Goals

  • 8/2/19 - the get real anniversary date: before and after pictures
  • Include more exercises that I have not tried before
  • Lose 20 of the 50 pounds that I’d like to lose
  • Drop cholesterol 30 points
Terri's 2019 Saying: "Don’t look back, that’s not where you are going."

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