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Total Gym Quick Morning Workout

JayDee Cutting III, Educator for the American Council On Exercise, Total Gym Master Trainer and regular Total Gym Pulse blog contributor has created this Quick 5-Minute Morning Workout Video for those who are looking to start their day off right!

About the Workout:

In addition to setting the pace for a productive day and blasting away calories, studies show that mental function gets set on fire – for anywhere from 4 to 10 hours following a morning workout.​

Plus, according to Total Gym Pulse blog contributor, Dr. Michael Mantell, it’s not all about being ready to take on any challenge with clear thinking and a shrinking, more-regulated appetite: Consistent morning exercise actually helps your sleep needs as well.

Quick 5-Minute Morning Workout - in 3 Simple Steps

STEP 1: Lower Body • Squat Position • Level is upper third of tower

2-Legged Squat • 1 Minute Warm-Up
Single Leg Squat • 30 secs each leg
OPTIONS: Non-working leg lifts as you go up - with a crunch
Plyometric Jumps • 1 minute
OPTIONS: Skiing, one legged jumps, alternating one legged jumps, tick tock

STEP 2: Upper Body • Kneeling Backwards • Level is bottom third of tower

Surfer Lat Pull • 1 minute total
OPTIONS: High kneeling or seated, single arm with rotation

STEP 3: Upper Body • Lying face up • Level is bottom third of tower

Pullover crunch • 1 minute total
OPTIONS: Add rotation for obliques, feet off glideboard, straighten legs, add cheerleader (legs go out hands go between legs)