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Total Gym® STATS & Home Fitness App

Getting Started Guide

Congratulations on your commitment to fitness & purchase of Total Gym® STATS, the Smart Track Active Training Sensor that will lead to your success. Get started with the video below, or jump to written instructions here.

Installation Video

Step-By-Step Total Gym® STATS & Home Fitness App Installation Instructions

Follow below for easy to follow directions. If you have additional questions, please find FAQs here.

Get the mobile app

Download the Total Gym Home Fitness app from the app store on your mobile device. Be sure to allow access to Bluetooth when installing the app. If you have already downloaded the app, please move on to step 2.

Total Gym iPhone App
Total Gym android app

Install Total Gym STATS

Applies to all Total Gym Home models, with the exception of the Total Gym GTS or EVOLVE.

Please note, you will need two (2) AA batteries for the sensor device (STATS). Rechargeable or heavy-duty carbon-zinc batteries are not recommended; please use Alkaline batteries.

STATS Installation Steps

  • Open and allow the app access (this will ensure a quick connect once all steps are complete).
  • Remove all items from the box.
  • Please check that all components are included. Contact customer service if you have any missing parts.
  • Locate the large screws with pointed tips. The small screws with flat tips will not be used.
  • Set your Total Gym incline to a mid-level position, insert your safety hitch pin, and detach the cable pulley from underneath the glideboard.
  • Move your glideboard to the top of the rails and with both hands on the sides of the middle of the glideboard, carefully lift it off the rails and lay the cushioned side of the glideboard on a flat surface.
  • With the L-shaped screwdriver, unscrew the four screws attaching the bottom fender to the glideboard.
  • Remove the bottom fender, it will no longer be needed. If your gym doesn’t come with a bottom fender, please skip to the next step.
  • Locate the white sensor bracket.
  • Center the bracket on the bottom of the glideboard, with the lip facing toward the cushion part of the glideboard.
  • Locate your sensor housing and remove the battery cover. Then locate the large screws.
  • Place the sensor housing onto the bracket connector with the sensor eye facing the lip side of the bracket.
  • Double-check that the sensor bracket and housing are still centered on the glideboard.
  • Insert one of the large screws through one of the battery compartment and bracket holes, and with downward pressure on the standard screwdriver, insert your first screw about halfway into the glideboard. Do not tighten screw all the way.
  • Again, with downward pressure, insert the second screw about halfway.
  • Alternate tightening screws until the sensor housing and bracket are flush with the bottom of the glideboard and secured in place.
  • Do not use a power drill or overtighten screws, it may crack the housing or bracket.
  • Insert your two AA batteries. The LED indicator will flash white, and then flash green, if successful.
  • Close the battery cover.
  • With both hands, pick up your glideboard and place it back on the top portion of the rails, ensuring it is properly aligned and rolls freely, before guiding it back down to the bottom of the rails.
  • Please check to confirm your STATS device is properly aligned to the sensor tape.
  • Lastly, follow the steps below to connect and calibrate the sensor in the app.

Sync and Calibrate

Your phone must allow the Total Gym Home Fitness App access to Bluetooth in order to calibrate the sensor. You can enable this from your phone's settings page.

First, go to
the settings screen

Total Gym Calibration

Next, choose
Connect Sensors

Total gym stats

Next, find your Total Gym Stats sensor, the name will begin with TG-STATS

On the next screen, choose
Configure Sensor

Then, select the number of levels and model name of your Total Gym.

Total Gym App

Lastly, select Calibrate Sensor and follow the steps until completed.

Congratulations! You are now ready to track workouts and meet your fitness goals, with the Total Gym® Home Fitness App & Total Gym® STATS, your “Smart Track Active Training Sensor”.

Additional Resources & Troubleshooting

Have more questions? See FAQs here. For Important Safety Tips, Installation & Usage Instructions & Full Regulatory Disclosures Download the complete User Manual here.