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Total Gym Success Stories - Women

Total Gym can help you achieve your fitness goals - whether it's weight loss or muscle tone, Total Gym can help to improve your health!

Read how Total Gym helped these women to change their lives and began their own fitness success stories!

Women's Total Gym Success Stories:

"Prior to starting the Total Gym my first goal was to compete in a marathon, another goal was to be able fit into my size 5 jeans, which I've been able to - if I can do it anyone can do it."
- Gena, Lost 55* lbs!
"A trainer actually recommended Total Gym and told me how easy it would be. He said it was the only at-home gym that he recommended. I love how easy it was. I could get started right away and the pounds just came right off!"
- Rebecca, Lost 35* lbs!
"I was motivated to start losing weight because I didn't feel good. I knew I had to do something, so I found Total Gym. Within a month I started seeing a big difference. Between Total Gym and eating healthy, I lost the weight."
- Darla, Lost 60* lbs!


Ready for a lifestyle change? With over 4 million Total Gyms sold, we've heard SO many success stories over many years.

We want to hear yours too! You can even start your journey today for just $1.

More Women's Total Gym Success Stories:

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“I was about 196 lbs & I lost 52 lbs* – Total Gym is my personal trainer & I use it faithfully. It’s a total gym – I guess that’s a good name for it.

I do the inner & outer thigh workout – that’s where I needed the most work & the Total Gym helped me tone that part of my body. I feel more energetic, everything is more toned.”

– Debra Rowe
SUSAN LOST 44 LBS with Total Gym



“Every part of your body works out. It works your arms, legs, stomach, abs – everything! I had hanging skin beneath my arms – with Total Gym, I’ve seen such a difference – it’s incredible.

I have a lot of vitality, a lot of energy. I lost 44 lbs*. In my 40s I didn’t feel as good as I do now in my 50s.”

– Susan Tessitore
KRISTIN LOST 92 LBS with Total Gym



"I was 250 lbs. I was at a shape that I couldn’t even tie my shoes. I lost 92 lbs* using the Total Gym.  I went from a size 22 to a size 8 and I’m still going!"

-Kristen Miller



"I bought the Total Gym realizing I needed to get in shape... I'm a busy mom with 3 children and limited time. With the Total Gym, I can take 10-15 minutes... and get back to my life. I feel fabulous. I feel so strong, and able to do things I haven't ever been able to do... I'm 41 years old, and I've lost 25 pounds* using the Total Gym. And I'm certainly in the best shape of my life. "

-Lynette Kovach



“It took inches off! The Total Gym helped me in my mid area, my hips, my thighs – my inner thighs & my buttocks – it was where I carried all my weight.”

– Geraldine Hennicke
LINDA LOST 40 LBS with Total Gym



"I found the Total Gym on a commercial & thought well let’s try it. I tried it & it worked! All of my exercises are on one piece of machinery and it’s so easy – that’s what’s so nice.

2 years ago, I had a big middle, I had big arms, I had a lot of weight on me and with the Pilates on the Total Gym, I’m able to gain lean muscle and that’s what I wanted. I’ve lost 4 sizes & 40 lbs*!"

- Linda Stuart
*Results not typical. Success stories lost weight by eating a reduced calorie diet and using the Total Gym regularly.