Why Total Gym?

Top 10 Reasons Customers Love Total Gym

  1. Time Saver
  2. You can achieve a great, efficient workout in a short amount of time. 10-20 minutes a day is all it takes!

  3. Easy to Use
  4. Quickly move from one exercise to another or from one level to the next easily. Plus, modify workouts for strength, cardio or stretching depending on the level!

  5. Value
  6. Between the costs of a gym membership and transportation, you'll definitely save money by choosing to invest in a Total Gym instead. Thousands of customers are still enjoying their Total Gym, even years after purchasing!

  7. Efficient Workout
  8. The Total Gym works multiple major muscle groups at one time, so you can get an efficient workout with superior results.

  9. Helps with any Fitness Level/Goal
  10. Total Gym works for ages 8 to 80 and accommodates beginner to advanced fitness levels. Total Gym can help you improve flexibility through stretching, tone body areas, build muscle and lose weight.

  11. Easy on Joints
  12. With Total Gym, you're using a percentage of your own body's weight as resistance. Pair that with smooth rollers and cable pulleys, you're saving your body from unnecessary stress to joints and ligaments.

  13. Versatility
  14. With over 80 exercises to choose from, Total Gym really is the most versatile home fitness product on the market.

  15. Convenient
  16. Total Gym comes fully assembled out of the box! Simply fold your Total Gym to store it under your bed or in a closet. No crowds, no traffic, no waiting for equipment. No wasted time!

  17. Improves Health
  18. Total Gym will improve your physical and mental health. Life is easier when you feel good, inside and out.

  19. Results!
  20. Millions of customers have reached their fitness goals and improved their health and livelihood. Now it's your turn!