Total Gym® Success Stories – Men

Meet Mike C.

Mike lost 150 pounds!1

“I started noticing a difference almost right away with the Total Gym®. The Total Gym® has helped me so much because it is so easy to use – I can do a hard workout or easy workout or an on-the-go workout. It works into my day. Thank you Total Gym®!!”

– Mike Campbell

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Raymon's Total Gym® Success Story


Meet Raymon W.

Raymon lost 41 pounds!1

“When I first started using the Total Gym® I was 233 lbs. I was overweight. The original plan of using Total Gym® was to get me in shape enough to go back to the gym – after starting to use the Total Gym® I didn’t need to go back to the gym. The Total Gym® gives me the workout that I need to be in the shape I’m in and keep the weight down.”

– Raymon Whitt

Rob's Total Gym® Success Story

Meet Rob R.

Rob lost 100 pounds!1

“When I look at those pictures I can’t believe it’s me and I can’t believe I let myself get there. I was 285 pounds. I was very lethargic, fat, over-weight, and just plain-old, in my opinion, disgusting. People ask me, ‘How did you lose the weight?’ and ‘How do you keep so toned?’ and the simple answer is: it’s easy. Just get yourself a Total Gym® and you work out on it. 12-15 minutes a day on a Total Gym® is all you need to do… Thank you Total Gym®!”

– Robert Bryant Ross


Jimmy's Total Gym® Success Story


Meet Jimmy B.

Jimmy toned at age 72!1

“My testimony is about reconditioning, sculpting and shaping my body. Another goal was to regain strength that I have lost over the years due to some health issues and age. Total Gym® has made it possible to do this. It is a great machine and I love it. I plan to work out on Total Gym® for the rest of my life. With Total Gym® I’ve trimmed 3 inches off my waist, shaped up my arms, chest and built up my lats. As of now, at 5’7” and 150 pounds, I am in better shape than I have been in many years and I feel better too. People are always asking me how I stay in shape and I say “Total Gym®. I want people over 70 (as I am) to know it is possible to get in shape and that Total Gym® is not just for young people. I’ve had quadruple heart by-pass surgery – twice, brain surgery in 2007 and a pace maker inserted in 2009. The 2nd by-pass was done in 2010 and as soon as I was healthy enough, I started working out on Total Gym®. My cardiologist is pleased with the results and so am I. ”

– Jimmy Brown

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1 Results not typical. Success stories lost weight by eating a reduced calorie diet and using the Total Gym regularly.