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Total Gym Success Stories

Total Gym can help you achieve your fitness goals and get your life back on track! Don’t just take our word for it, check out these success stories from REAL Total Gym users.


Ready for a lifestyle change? With over 4 million Total Gyms sold, we've heard SO many success stories over many years.

We want to hear yours too! You can even start your journey today for just $1.


Watch the stories of Total Gym fitness success! From tightening and toning - to building muscle and strength - to losing 10 lbs or losing 100+ lbs, these are the stories of REAL Total Gym users. Every one of them has a story to tell. Watch and get inspired to start on your personal path to fitness and begin your own Total Gym success journey today!
"I started noticing a difference almost right away with the Total Gym. The Total Gym has helped me so much because it is so easy to use - I can do a hard workout or easy workout or an on-the-go workout. It works into my day. Thank you Total Gym!!"
-Mike Cambell
"After my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight. A trainer actually recommended Total Gym and told me how easy it would be and he said it was the only at-home gym that he recommended. I love how easy it was. I could get started right away and the pounds just came right off! Total Gym works & it's wonderful."
-Rebecca Joseph
"When I look at those pictures I can't believe it's me and I can't believe I let myself get there. I was 285 pounds. I was very lethargic, fat, over-weight, and just plain-old, in my opinion, disgusting. People ask me, 'How did you lose the weight?' and 'How do you keep so toned?' and the simple answer is: it's easy. Just get yourself a Total Gym and you work out on it. 12-15 minutes a day on a Total Gym is all you need to do... Thank you Total Gym!"
-Robert Bryant Ross
"When I got to my highest weight I didn't want my picture taken. I was motivated to start losing weight because I didn't feel good. I knew I had to do something, so I found Total Gym. Within a month I started seeing a big difference. Between Total Gym and eating healthy, I lost the weight. I train 3X a week – Total Gym has such many things you can do. I'm in my 50's & I feel like I'm in my 30's again!"
-Darla Rodgers
"When I first started using the Total Gym I was 233 lbs. I was overweight. The original plan of using Total Gym was to get me in shape enough to go back to the gym - after starting to use the Total Gym I didn't need to go back to the gym. The Total Gym gives me the workout that I need to be in the shape I'm in and keep the weight down."
-Raymon Whitt
"I'm a busy mom with 3 children and limited time. With the Total Gym, I can take 10-15 minutes... and get back to my life. I feel fabulous. I feel so strong, and able to do things I haven't ever been able to do... I'm 41 years old, and I've lost 25 pounds* using the Total Gym. And I'm certainly in the best shape of my life."
-Lynette Kovach
"My testimony is about reconditioning, sculpting and shaping my body. Another goal was to regain strength that I have lost over the years due to some health issues and age. Total Gym has made it possible to do this. It is a great machine and I love it. I plan to work out on Total Gym for the rest of my life. With Total Gym I've trimmed 3 inches off my waist, shaped up my arms, chest and built up my lats. As of now, at 5'7" and 150 pounds, I am in better shape than I have been in many years and I feel better too. People are always asking me how I stay in shape and I say Total Gym. I want people over 70 (as I am) to know it is possible to get in shape and that Total Gym is not just for young people. I've had quadruple heart by-pass surgery - twice, brain surgery in 2007 and a pace maker inserted in 2009. The 2nd by-pass was done in 2010 and as soon as I was healthy enough, I started working out on Total Gym. My cardiologist is pleased with the results and so am I. "
-Jimmy Brown
"I lost 30 lbs* using the Total Gym. I was watching TV & realized all of a sudden – here I am a size 12 and it was time for a change – I didn’t feel pretty, I wasn’t happy. Total Gym was the answer for me. It was encouraging because I started to notice a difference in the way I felt, in the way my clothes started to fit. It was easy really to lose the weight – I went down to a size 5/6. Thank you Total Gym!"
-Jenny Walden
*Results not typical. Success stories lost weight by eating a reduced calorie diet and using the Total Gym regularly.
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