Total Gym Exercises

Which muscle group do you want to target?

Enhance your Total Gym workouts with these powerful Total Gym accessories:

Total Gym CycloTrainer

Cyclo Trainer - Total Gym

  • Boost your cardio workout
  • Strengthen your core
  • Trim your butt and thighs

List Price: $700.00

Today’s Price: $399.95

Total Gym STEP


  • Low-impact with Energy-absorbing springs
  • Squats & Plyometric Exercises

List Price: $179.95

Today’s Price: $119.95

Leg Pull Accessory


  • Strengthens and stretches leg muscles!
  • Custom designed for any size!
  • Attaches in minutes!

List Price: $49.95

Today’s Price: $39.95

Total Gym AbCrunch/Dip Bar Combo


  • Firm & Tone your abs & build core strength with the AbCrunch
  • Dip Bars target pectorals, shoulders, chest & triceps

List Price: $289.95

Today’s Price: $199.90