Cyclo Trainer - Total Gym
Cyclo Trainer Workout Demo - Total Gym
Cyclo Trainer - Total Gym
Cyclo Trainer Workout Demo - Total Gym

Total Gym CycloTrainer

$700.00 $399.95

  • CycloTrainer Benefits
  • Versatility
  • Includes
  • Specifications

  • Comfortable back support – low impact on your joints
  • Get a complete workout in LESS TIME! Just minutes a day compared to other forms of cardio that takes 30 minutes a day.
  • Great total body workout for strength + cardio
  • Abs
  • Legs and butt
  • Fun & easy for anyone of any age or fitness level
  • Attaches to ANY Total Gym home gym model

When added to your Total Gym, the Cyclo Trainer™ gives you the BEST and most EFFECTIVE cardio and strength training workout compared to anything else out there!

Check out the Cyclo Trainer’s unique versatility:

Easy Cardio – simply lay back and cycle with the glideboard anchored at the bottom of the rails.

  • A  comfortable and easy cardio workout that fully supports your back!
  • A  great way to start your cardio routine if you’re a beginner and an easy warm-up as you advance.

Fat Blasting Cardio – simply lay back and cycle while pushing the glideboard up the rails.

  • Boosting cardio workout in just minutes!
  • You’ll feel the burn in your legs, butt, and abs right away!

Circuit Training – start your normal Total Gym routine. Every 5 exercises or so, ride the Cyclo Trainer for 30-60 seconds. Alternate back & forth.

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Burn more calories during and after your workout
  • Maximize your workouts – no more 30-60 min. cardio routines!

With the Sale Price of $399.95, you’ll receive: Total Gym Cyclo Trainer™ and Your Total Training Guide DVD. cyclodvd-sml

DVD Features

  • 3 work-along programs – simply pop in the DVD and work along with our trainers Rob & Rosalie
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Tips & techniques

      • Adjustable pedal straps
      • Digital monitor display: time, speed, distance, resistance level
      • Battery operated display (included)
      • Adds 32 inches to the bottom of your Total Gym
      • Warranty: 6 months
      • Shipping weight: 34 lbs.
      • Quickly attaches to ALL Total Gym models