Total Gym Complete Fitness DVD Set - Total Gym
Total Gym Complete Fitness DVD Set - Total Gym

Total Gym Complete Fitness DVD Set

$174.75 $89.95

  • Start It Up! Your Personal Training Guide
  • 6-8 Minute Workout
  • S.M.A.R.T. Training Workout
  • Pilates*
  • Dan Isaacson's Body Makeover

Running Time: 55 min

  • Your personal training guide
  • Tips, techniques, core exercise review and a Total Gym work-along routine
  • The perfect way to get back into your Total Gym routine

Running Time: 94 min

  • Get personal training by John Carleo and Rosalie Brown
  • 12 routines total; 6 for men, 6 for women
  • Get the body you always wanted in just 6-8 minutes a day

Running Time: 30 min

  • Train with Master Trainer, Rob Glick
  • Proven exercise program created by Exercise Physiologist, Dr. Ben Bocchicchio
  • With slow, precise movements, the S.M.A.R.T. program allows you to focus on form while simultaneously stretching your major muscle areas

Running Time: 62 min

  • Train with Simon and Martine Scott
  • Discover the secret to a stronger, sexier body with this Pilates workout
  • It’s like having a Pilates studio in your own home with your own private instructors

*Pilates attachments not needed for entire workout video

Running Time: 50 min

  • Train with one of America’s leading personal fitness trainers, Dan Isaacson
  • Build strength, increase endurance and intensify your workout
  • Effective, all-around workout