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Dakota Norris on Total Gym

Like father, like son. A gym for the entire family.

“My Dad, Chuck Norris, started me on the Total Gym when I was a very young boy. With Total Gym workouts, I quickly excelled in my training & surpassed my peers.”

-Dakota Norris

Chuck Introduces Dakota to Total Gym

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Legendary martial artist, trainer, actor & proud father, Chuck Norris, has been using the Total Gym since its creation over 40 years ago. After being introduced to the Total Gym, it didn’t take long before he noticed how many muscles he was working at once, making his training more time efficient. He also realized how much stronger he was becoming by working his muscles safely & effectively. Chuck was developing muscles in areas he didn’t even know he had muscles in! His strength and skills really took off, as did his career.

That was it, he was hooked & insisted on having the Total Gym at home & on his sets. It’s been years of consistent training & teaching that has brought forth opportunities of a lifetime for Chuck. And a secret weapon of his has been the Total Gym.

Chuck Norris

Avid Total Gym user for over 40 years.

Dakota Norris

Total Gym user for over 15 years.

Outside of throwing kicks, acting & grabbing rattle snakes with his bare hands… Chuck Norris has always shared that his children are the most important part of his life.

Soon, Chuck’s workouts on the Total Gym became his son, Dakota, & his time together. They trained side-by-side starting from when Dakota was just a child. Shortly after, Dakota began excelling in gymnastics & martial arts surpassing his peers. After training for eight years, Dakota earned his second-degree black belt to which Chuck was exuberant about.

Dakota continued to excel in his martial arts. He has expressed his gratitude towards his instructor, his family, & friends for their constant support. And says he could not have done it without years of training on the Total Gym.
Sparring with Chuck and Dakota Norris


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