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This holiday, shop early to receive your order on time!
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Total Gym Back Exercises

Shortened, tight back muscles can lead to spinal problems and chronic back pain. Fortunately, the Total Gym is designed to not only strengthen and build your back muscles, but stretch them as well. These back exercises will keep your muscles loose and ready for action!

John Peel – Back and Lat Exercises on the Total Gym

How To Get A Strong Back

Total Gym Back Strength and Mobility Exercises for the Computer Generation

John Peel – Total Gym Back Workout Routine

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Total Gym Back Exercises – Total Gym Pulse

Total Gym Back Workout with Rob Glick

John Carleo – Advanced Total Gym Back Workout

Pull Ups with Sherry Goggin – Total Gym Pulse

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How To Get A Strong Back

Back Strengthening Exercises

Total Gym Blog Pull-up and Squat Challenge

The Back Attack Workout! – Total Gym Pulse

Improve your body's posture and functionality with Total Gym Back Exercises!
Watch Total Gym trainers show you the best, targeted back exercises on the glideboard using cable pulley techniques that will reach and work those back muscles leaving you feeling stronger, taller and younger than ever before.

Extend your Back Workouts!